The Homeless Action Center (HAC) is proud to announce that we have been recognized as a silver-tier leader by the State Bar of California’s DEI Leadership Seal Program. The program was launched in January of this year with a goal of improving access and inclusion in the state’s legal system.

In November 2020, in order to increase HAC’s diversity and make it a more welcoming place for Black, Indigenous, and people of color, HAC hired a Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Impact, Nyla Moujaes. Since then, Nyla, the whole management team, and other dedicated staff have put in a tremendous amount of work towards positively impacting change around diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice.

Nyla commented, “I am proud that HAC has earned and received silver tier status as part of the inaugural cohort of diversity, equity and inclusion leaders in the legal profession. We take this recognition seriously and commit to continuing our efforts and initiatives indefinitely. Our goal is that HAC’s recognition as DEI leader will attract diverse candidates to join us in advancing the rights of Alameda County residents with disabilities and at risk of homelessness.

From organizations across the state, HAC was one of only 14 that obtained the State Bar’s silver seal, for which we had to demonstrate we were implementing at least seven of ten action items. For us this work includes but is not limited to: creating a strategic DEI plan, collecting and maintaining demographic data, incorporating DEI work into performance, advancement and compensation decisions, surveying staff to gather feedback on our efforts, and restructuring our organizational chart.

HAC’s Executive Director, Patricia E. Wall, has declared that DEI is one of the organization’s top priorities and the Management Team, in partnership with staff, continues to strive to increase DEI within HAC.

Pattie remarked, “The State Bar of California’s DEI Leadership Seal program is an important step in promoting the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the provision of legal services. We are honored to have our work recognized and are working towards creating and maintaining a culture where staff and clients, alike, feel that they belong.”

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