Your gift ensures that the Homeless Action Center can continue to provide free legal assistance to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

In addition to supporting HAC’s core objective of providing benefits legal advocacy, some other ways to which your financial support may be put to use include:

  • Recruiting and retaining a diverse and inclusive staff;
  • Providing comprehensive and intensive staff training;
  • Administering our mail service, which is not funded by any institutional donors. Between HAC’s two offices, more than 400 members of our community receive mail through HAC—a crucial service when unhoused people often have no mailing address;
  • Helping clients cover the fees for obtaining or replacing identity documents that are necessary for securing housing and certain benefits;
  • Hiring specialized staff focusing on housing opportunities;
  • Expanding our pro bono and internship programs;
  • Founding a Policy Team that develops and explains models for successful programs to address specific homelessness issues;
  • Upgrading our IT systems;
  • Maintaining a healthy Rainy Day Reserve Fund;
  • Contributing to the Zim Fund for Acute Client Needs, which provides material assistance to homeless individuals for crisis situations and emergency needs. 100% of donations are set aside for clients.
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    Together, we can reduce and end homelessness for disabled residents of Alameda County. Read about the ways you can support this vital work.

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