Head shot of Zena Sherman

Zena Sherman

Administrative Office Manager

Zena is the Admin Office Manager with a list of many things she has done over the years and is still doing some, including making sure the lights stay on. Zena came to HAC by way of the GAIN Program and volunteered for a year in 1996, during which she enjoyed going to the Oakland Housing Authority, Social Security, and the like to copy files for client cases – yes, she copied files before they put them on CD and was so very happy when that happened. Zena also had one case and WON it!

After the year of volunteering at HAC was completed, Zena worked for other companies and organizations like AIDS Project of the East Bay, Sumitomo Bank, and East Bay Blue Print, but HAC stayed on her mind so she inquired about returning to HAC and has been working here since August 1998. She felt it was and is still a very cool place to work, in a law office where you can bring your fur babies. Zena has also met many clients along the way and became and remains friends to this day. Arts and Crafts are her hobbies, she even built the mini Tabernacle that is spoken of in the bible for an event, but anyone who has heard her knows singing is her LOVE.