Maria Lobo

Maria is the Front Desk Coordinator for the Berkeley Homeless Action Center. She joined the team in 2023 and is excited to continue her service to the community. Maria is passionate about engaging in work that supports community mental health […]

Stephanie Maurer

Stephanie is the Deputy Development Director for HAC. She joined the organization in 2017 and loves fundraising to help HAC continue to serve clients. Stephanie is passionate about the intersection of issues of homelessness, mental health, and policing. Currently based […]

Jonathon Marley

Jon joined HAC in 2021 and is responsible for all aspects of HAC’s fundraising program. Prior to working at HAC, they spent 26 years at the East Bay Community Law Center as Director of Development & Planning. Jon has also […]

Brian Kennedy

Brian is HAC’s HR Manager. He joined the organization in 2015 as an Administrative Assistant and became HR Manager in 2018. Prior to arriving at HAC, Brian worked at various law firms in Oakland and San Francisco, the College of […]

Nate Carroll-Browne

Nate is an IT Support Engineer at HAC. He joined the organization in 2021. Before working at HAC, Nate worked at YouTube and Google on product launches and hardware. In his spare time, Nate is a Bass Trombonist who plays […]

Tom McPartlon

Tom is the IT Manager at HAC. He joined the organization in 2018.

Stefani Echeverria-Fenn

Stefani is a Mail and Front Office Clerk at the HAC, who joined the organization in 2021. Her passion for economic justice is rooted in her own prior experiences of homelessness and housing insecurity. Stefani cofounded The Sportula: Microgrants for […]