Lawsuit against CalTrans

HAC has joined with several individual plaintiffs as an organizational plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against CalTrans.  This state agency is the owner of property under freeway overpasses where homeless people commonly camp out.  When it clears those encampments, CalTrans violates state law and its own policies.  CalTrans is required to hold people’s property for a set amount of time and allow people access to claim it.  Instead, the agency has been unlawfully disposing of the property.  Many times this property is immediately and summarily destroyed.  The lawsuit seeks damages for the aggrieved homeless plaintiffs and a declaratory judgment that CalTrans’ conduct is unlawful.

Recent Fundraising Activities

HAC held successful fundraising events in April and May.  On April 19, more than 50 staff members and friends of HAC gathered at the SomaR Bar and Lounge in Oakland for a fundraising Happy Hour.  We had a great time and the bar contributed 15% of bar sales to HAC.  That same week, HAC hosted an online auction with an amazing assortment of great deals—fine dining, family adventures, performances and more.  The auction raised over $1,000.

On May 4, HAC joined more than 1,000 Bay Are nonprofits to participate in East Bay Gives—a 24-hour online fundraising blitz.  HAC supporters made 44 gifts and contributed nearly $3,500 for essential HAC programs.  HAC also won a $400 bonus prize during the event.

Campaign Update

As of May 14, 2017, we have raised more than 80% of our campaign goal of $50,000.  Only $9,026 still to go.