Pizzaman to Donate 50 Percent of Money Raised to HAC!

The Homeless Action Center is proud to be a recipient of Marc “Pizzaman” Schechter’s fundraiser entitled, “Feeding the Hungry: Pizza for East Bay’s Homeless Camps.”

The fundraiser is leading up to Pizzaman’s event on August 8 where he will cook 100 pizzas in portable ovens at a homeless encampment in East Oakland. Any funds raised beyond ingredient and cooking costs will be split 50/50 and donated to the Homeless Action Center and Spirit of Oakland.

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Lawsuit against CalTrans

HAC has joined with several individual plaintiffs as an organizational plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against CalTrans.  This state agency is the owner of property under freeway overpasses where homeless people commonly camp out.  When it clears those encampments, CalTrans violates state law and its own policies.  CalTrans is required to hold people’s property for a set amount of time and allow people access to claim it.  Instead, the agency has been unlawfully disposing of the property.  Many times this property is immediately and summarily destroyed.  The lawsuit seeks damages for the aggrieved homeless plaintiffs and a declaratory judgment that CalTrans’ conduct is unlawful.

2016-17 Annual Campaign a Great Success

The Homeless Action Center set out to raise $50,000 in 2016-17.  We came extremely close.  Contributions totaled $48,090 (96% of goal).  This was an increase of 79% over 2015-16.  HAC received a total of 267 gifts (70% increase over last year) from 235 donors (58% increase).

New and returned donors were very important to our success.  These donors contributed 72% of all gifts.

Thank you to everyone who supported this successful campaign.

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