Our Work

 Our Work

The Homeless Action Center (HAC) provides no-cost legal representation to the most vulnerable people in our community.  Since its founding, HAC’s attorneys and advocates have helped thousands of homeless individuals rebuild their lives.

HAC started as a storefront in Berkeley with one attorney and one advocate in 1990.  HAC now has an office in Berkeley and an office in Oakland and a staff of more than 50 attorneys and advocates.

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Homelessness entraps.  Short-term homelessness morphs into chronic homelessness.  Life on the streets causes or intensifies mental illness and addictive behavior.  Every day presents fresh challenges and dangers.  To learn more about how HAC secures a lifeline for homeless men and women and takes action to protect that lifeline, click here.

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Financial Reports

FY2019 Independent Audit Report | FY2019 Form 990