About HAC

Founded in 1990, the Homeless Action Center (HAC) provides free public benefits advocacy to people who are homeless and mentally ill in Alameda County. In addition to helping clients obtain sustainable income and health insurance, HAC also works with community stakeholders to reduce the harms associated with a lack of housing and healthcare. Combining professionalism and compassion, HAC provides barrier-free legal assistance to the hardest to reach populations.

Meet the Board of Directors


Berkeley Staff

Patricia E. Wall, Executive Director
Zena A. Sherman, Projects Manager
Tamiza J. Henry, Reception
Mike Zimmerman, Development Coordinator
Managing Attorneys
David Waggoner
Mary A. Gilg
Daniel Homer
Staff Attorneys
Meghan Pluimer
Heather Freinkel
Kyle Kitson
Ron Hochbaum
Nyla Moujaes
Charles Bruce
Michael Wolchansky
Lizzy Watson
Anne Su
Kris Chappell
Amy Orgain
Marianne Armenta
Antoine James
Sean Murphy
Paul Kim
Suzanne Zalev
Dorian Morello
Katherine Ammirati
David McAuley
Anne Befu
Jen Neuber
Vivian Thorp
Thea Chuun
Shawn Goad

Oakland Staff

Ann Rubinstein, Managing Attorney
Brian Kennedy, Administrative Assistant
Staff Attorneys
Nancy McGee
Lydia Chao
Raymond Austin
Ashlei Schulz
Angelica Torres
Christian Yost
Truc Lan Tran
Chantha Sar

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